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Make your blinds look NEW again!



 Make your blinds look NEW again!


Gently removes years of dust, dirt, pollen,

grease, smoke, pet odors​ 

& other contaminants

WHat is Ultra-sonic CLeaning?


Because most people are unaware of Ultra-Sonic Cleaning, they often attempt to clean their blinds at home, sometimes in the bathtub, or with a TV gadget. This is often an awkward, painstaking and ineffective ordeal.  Unfortunately, doing this may create static electricity, which will actually attract dust and dirt, making the blinds become much dirtier much more quickly.  Not only are dirty blinds an ugly eyesore, they can potentially be hazardous to your health. Many blinds can act as a filter, trapping allergens which can linger around for years. Our Ultra-Sonic Cleaning process will remove many different types of contaminants like dust, dirt, mold, pollen, smoke, grease, and other irritants. 



Call Today: 856-547-4915

Types of blinds we Clean

  • Vertical Blinds 

  • Mini Blinds

  • Vinyl Blinds

  • ​Wood Blinds

  • Fabric Blinds

  • Silhouettes

  • Luminettes

  • Vignettes 

  • Pleated Shades

  • Honeycomb Shades

  • ​Roller Shades

  • Woven Wood Shades

  • Privacy Curtains

Before Ultra Sonic Cleaning


The key to Ultra-Sonic Cleaning is Cavitation.  Cavitation is the formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles, which in this case happens more than a million times per second.  These tiny bubbles reach every crack and crevice, breaking loose dust and dirt particles, making it a much more thorough and effective process.  The millions of tiny bubbles produced by the Ultra-Sonic Cleaning process create immense vacuum energy in the form of heat and pressure.  This is what gives the Ultra-Sonic Cleaning method its extreme power and effectiveness.

Approximately 90% of all homes and offices feature some type of window covering- whether it be a traditional venetian blind, vertical blinds, roller shades or even high end custom blinds. Most people are unaware of the Revolutionary Cleaning Method that is now available to both residential and commercial outlets: Ultra-Sonic Cleaning.  Customers are not only amazed by the results, but also pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive it is compared to potential replacement costs.  Ultra-Sonic Cleaning is by far safer and gentler than most household cleaners, and the results aren’t even comparable. 


Residential & Commercial Pricing Available

Subject to change at any time. Not valid with commercial services.